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An engaging, concise, ten episode series, documenting the entrepreneurial journey of CEO Payam Zamani.

(DONE) Gravity: One Planet


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Gravity: Payam Zamani's story


One Planet






When One Planet Group engaged me to enhance their CEO Payam Zamani's digital presence, the challenge was both exciting and monumental. Payam, an Iranian refugee who founded a billion-dollar business, has a compelling narrative that aligns perfectly with our agency’s ethos of purpose-driven business practices. Our primary mission was to produce the 'Gravity' series, a set of ten short episodes at One Planet's headquarters in Walnut Creek, California, and various San Francisco locations. These episodes delve into Payam's entrepreneurial journey and personal milestones, like a scenic drive in his Lamborghini SUV, illustrating his professional and personal life seamlessly.


The objective was to solidify Payam’s stature within the entrepreneurial community online, especially by boosting his visibility on platforms like YouTube. His digital presence was pivotal in positioning him as a thought leader and influencer in the business world.


One of the main challenges was capturing the essence of Payam’s story in a way that resonated with both current and potential followers. We chose to create a series rather than a single feature to provide a nuanced view of his journey, offering depth and variety to engage the audience consistently.


Your Role

I was the creative director, the lead videographer, and solo photographer, assuming a hands-on role in producing, filming, and directing the Gravity series. This approach allowed me to maintain creative control and ensure the content aligned with our high standards and One Planet’s branding — all while staying within the budget scope.

Team Leadership and Collaboration

Our small yet efficient team included a director of photography for the interview portion, of whom also handled sound and additional videography. This collaboration was crucial in navigating the logistical and creative challenges of filming in diverse settings, from corporate environments to more personal spaces like Payam's residence.

Up Close

(DONE) Gravity: One Planet


Creative Vision and Strategy

The creative strategy involved presenting a cohesive narrative that blended professional achievements with personal insights, offering viewers a holistic view of Payam as both a CEO and a person.

Innovative Methods and Technologies

We utilized RED cameras and prime lenses for their cinematic quality, capturing both the intensity and subtleties of Payam’s professional and personal environments. This high-level production value was crucial in portraying the inspirational aspect of his story.

Given the limited budget, I chose to keep the team lean, and refused to compromise on quality. We utilizing RED cameras and prime lenses for a cinematic production.

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(DONE) Gravity: One Planet
(DONE) Gravity: One Planet
(DONE) Gravity: One Planet


Measurable Results

The Gravity series emerged as the most watched on Payam Zamani’s YouTube channel, attracting over 300,000 views with individual videos like "The Bleeding Mile" and "A Man of Faith" drawing significant attention.

  • "The Bleeding Mile" video achieved 111,000 views, becoming the most-watched video on the account.
  • "A Man of Faith" video followed with 50,000 views, the second-highest on the account.

Business Impact

The series not only enhanced Payam's digital presence but also played a key role in humanizing and broadening the appeal of One Planet’s brand. It served as an effective tool for storytelling that has helped to share Payam's incredible story with the world, and establishing a foundation of social proof that his companies continue to benefit from years later.

Over 300,000 views

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Gravity: Payam Zamani's story

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One Planet


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