Creating impactful designs with 20 years of visual strategy expertise and two Emmy Awards.


As a two-time Emmy Award-winning designer, I bring over 20 years of experience in creating groundbreaking visual content and brand strategies that resonate on an international scale. My work has been showcased from the largest digital billboards in Times Square to the compact screens of airplane seat TVs, reaching over 25 million people worldwide. My diverse expertise spans broadcast design, live event production, digital media, and cross-platform branding. This extensive background not only highlights my creative leadership but also underscores my ability to adapt and thrive in a variety of design environments, from sports and entertainment to corporate and retail branding.


Highly Proficient (20+ Years of Experience)

  • Broadcast and Live Production: Leading designs in television, online streaming, and live events.
  • Digital Marketing and Content Creation: Crafting engaging social media graphics and video content.

Proficient (10+ Years of Experience)

  • Multimedia and Cross-Platform Campaigns: Implementing integrated marketing strategies and cross-media advertising solutions.
  • Global Brand Strategy: Mastering international branding and high-impact advertising.
  • Digital and Interactive Media: Innovating in web design, UX, and UI for enhanced digital interactions.

Proficient (5+ Years of Experience)

  • Innovative Media Solutions: Developing cutting-edge VR and AR projects.
  • Sports and Entertainment Design: Specializing in dynamic sports branding and entertainment media
  • Environmental and Experiential Design: Creating compelling signage, wayfinding, and exhibit designs.
  • Packaging Design: Designing appealing packaging for consumer and luxury products.
  • Editorial and Publication Design: Excelling in book, magazine, and corporate report design.

This detailed overview reflects my comprehensive skill set and the accolades that mark my career, reinforcing my reputation as a leading figure in the design industry.


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Crafting a Global Youth Travel Brand

Mental Health Oriented Identity & Website

Gelatoville branding

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