Producing cinematic content with 10+ years of expertise in editing and visual effects.


With 10+ years experience in film and video production, I bring a depth of expertise in the various aspects of production and videography, having honed my skills in capturing and crafting visual stories that resonate with audiences. Over the past decade, I have specialized in video editing using industry-leading tools like Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve, ensuring seamless narratives and polished presentations. My experience extends to visual effects, where for more than ten years, I have adeptly handled techniques such as removing unwanted elements, superimposing layers, and rotoscoping to enhance the visual allure of footage. Additionally, my three years of dedicated color grading using LUTs and various adjustment layers allow me to fine-tune the mood and tone of videos, significantly enhancing their impact. This combination of technical proficiency and creative vision makes me adept at delivering high-quality, visually stunning cinematic productions.


Highly Proficient (10+ Years of Experience)

  • Videography: Capturing high-quality video content across various genres and settings.
  • Video Editing: Skilled in using Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve to edit and assemble footage into cohesive stories.
  • Visual Effects: Expertise in enhancing footage with VFX techniques such as rotoscoping, superimposing, and element removal.

Proficient (3-5 Years of Experience)

  • Color Grading: Utilizing LUTs and adjustment layers to correct color and enhance the visual narrative of the footage.

This extensive overview of my film production capabilities highlights my ability to integrate technical skills with artistic insights, ensuring that every project I undertake is both visually captivating and emotionally engaging.


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