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Project Summary

Dartmouth College engaged our team at Equality to design and produce the Dartmouth Next: Great Issues New Perspectives livestream series. This project emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, necessitating remote engagement for students, faculty, and alumni. Dartmouth envisioned a high-production, TV studio-style lecture series. Partnering with Dark Star Productions, we utilized professional-grade video walls, lighting, and sound to create a compelling remote experience. Over a two-month period, I led my team to execute hundreds of deliverables, from dynamic video openers to on-screen graphics, aligning with Dartmouth’s prestigious brand.

Business Objective

  • Specific Business Goals: Increase engagement and maintain a sense of community through a high-quality remote lecture series.
  • Alignment with Company Strategy: Enhanced Dartmouth's remote educational offerings and engagement strategies during campus restrictions.
  • Importance to Client: Critical for maintaining educational continuity and strengthening long-term relationships with the Dartmouth community.


  • Specific Challenges: The project required rapid development and deployment, high production quality requirements, and remote collaboration. Additionally, just two weeks before the launch, a major pivot was demanded by a new senior member at Dartmouth, necessitating significant changes to the already completed work.
  • Impact on Goals: Required innovative solutions and agile responses to evolving project demands. The last-minute changes necessitated extended work hours and quick adaptation to new directives.
  • Constraints: Tight timelines, remote work limitations, and budget constraints.


My Role

  • Specific Role: Creative & Design Director
  • Responsibilities: Overseeing all visual elements, from conceptualization to live broadcast, ensuring cohesive branding and high production standards. Handling last-minute changes and leading the team through critical shifts in the project.
  • Management of Responsibilities: Implemented structured project management and maintained high team morale through incentives and clear communication. Mobilized the team during the critical last-minute changes by extending work hours and offering bonuses and extra vacation days.
  • Leadership Titles: Creative Director, Design Director

Team Leadership and Collaboration

  • Cross-Functional Team Leadership: Managed a diverse team of designers, motion graphics artists, and technical staff.
  • Collaboration Management: Coordinated with Dartmouth’s internal team and Dark Star Productions to ensure seamless execution. Led the team through the last-minute changes, ensuring that everyone was aligned and motivated.
  • Strategies for Collaboration: Utilized digital collaboration tools, established clear roles and responsibilities, and maintained open feedback loops. Demonstrated leadership by being the first in and last out, setting an example for the team.

Up Close

(DONE) Dartmouth


Creative Vision and Strategy

  • Formulation of Creative Vision: Developed a visual narrative that combined Dartmouth’s history with modern design techniques.
  • Strategic Thinking Process: Balanced innovative digital solutions with traditional academic values to enhance engagement.
  • Synthesis of Complex Information: Translated complex creative proposals into executable designs. Adapted quickly to the new directives from Dartmouth’s senior member, ensuring a cohesive and updated visual strategy.
  • Key Insights: Leveraged audience preferences for virtual events to tailor the visual experience.

Innovative Methods and Technologies

  • Unique Methods/Technologies: Introduced adaptable design templates, advanced motion graphics, and high-end video production techniques.
  • Novel Design Principles: Integrated historical footage and contemporary graphics for a visually captivating experience.
  • Differentiation: Set a new standard for virtual academic events with exceptional production quality and creative detail.

Hands-On Creative Work

  • Direct Contributions: Designed key visual elements, produced motion media, directed on-site shoots, and ensured live graphics integration.
  • Specific Tasks: Developed dynamic video openers, lower thirds, overlays, and background animations.
  • Approach to Tasks: Maintained a hands-on approach to ensure design fidelity and alignment with the overall vision. Adjusted designs swiftly in response to last-minute changes, demonstrating adaptability and leadership.


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(DONE) Dartmouth
(DONE) Dartmouth
(DONE) Dartmouth


Measurable Results

  • Quantifiable Outcomes: Delivered a multi-season lecture series that exceeded engagement expectations.
  • Metrics: Increased viewer engagement rates, positive stakeholder feedback, and subsequent project renewals.

Business Impact

  • Connection to Business Goals: Enhanced educational continuity and community engagement.
  • Improvements in Business Performance: Strengthened Dartmouth’s reputation for innovation and remote learning.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Established a scalable model for high-quality virtual events, fostering a lasting partnership.

Brand Visualized

Dartmouth Events & Production

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Dartmouth College


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