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(DONE) Lux Residential


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Coastal Luxury Real Estate Rebrand


Lux Residential





Project Summary

In my capacity as Chief Creative Officer at Equality, I spearheaded a comprehensive renaming and rebranding initiative for Lux Residential, a project born out of the merger of high-end property management and sales companies. Over four months, my team and I meticulously crafted a new brand strategy from scratch. This involved extensive market research, the development of a vibrant visual identity, and meticulous instruction and training of the brand's deployment across various digital and physical platforms. The project aimed to simplify and unify the brands post-merger, clarify internal operations and teams, and create a clear communication strategy for all operations and marketing. Initial outcomes have been highly promising, with a marked increase in brand recognition and a significant enhancement in clarity, indicating the emerging success of this rebranding effort.

Business Objective

The client's objective was to become known for the highest-end, premium management offerings, distinguishing themselves in a crowded real estate and property management industry. They aimed to enhance brand clarity and recognition, ultimately positioning Lux Residential as the local high-end company in the Portland, Maine area. This was essential to attract high-net-worth property owners and establish a strong, cohesive brand presence.

This objective aligned with industry trends showing increased demand for premium property management services among high-net-worth individuals.


The project faced several challenges, including internal confusion about departmental roles and services, a tarnished brand reputation, and the need to pivot on the company name midway through the design phase. Additionally, the client's request for Webflow training consumed more support hours than planned, leading to budget overruns. The saturated market required a distinct, high-end brand identity that stood out from competitors.

We employed an agile project management approach to quickly adapt to the name change, and reallocated resources to manage the increased demand for Webflow training, ensuring we stayed on track without compromising quality.


My Role

As the Chief Creative Officer, I led the client acquisition, upselling them on a comprehensive package that aligned with our agency’s goals. I was responsible for conceptualizing the overall brand strategy and voice, integrating a social impact model that resonated with the client's values, and ensuring seamless project execution. I hired and managed a multidisciplinary team, conducted market research, and provided extensive training to the client’s team on brand guidelines and marketing initiatives. Additionally, I ensured ongoing support for brand consistency and adaptation to market changes.

By implementing a collaborative leadership style and encouraging open feedback, I fostered a creative environment that led to innovative solutions and a successful rebranding.

Team Leadership and Collaboration

I managed my responsibilities by delegating tasks to specialized team members and conducting regular strategy and implementation meetings. I maintained constant client communication to ensure alignment and incorporated feedback. I prepared my team for my absence by training my creative director to lead in my place, fostering a culture of trust and capability. Emphasizing the importance of investing in team members to develop their leadership, presentation, and interpersonal skills was crucial to maintaining a high-performing team. I led cross-functional teams by organizing regular meetings, fostering open communication, and ensuring everyone was aligned with the project goals. I encouraged collaboration through workshops and feedback sessions, ensuring continuity and confidence within the team.

When the company name had to change two weeks into the design phase, the team was understandably discouraged and upset about the extra work required to stay on schedule. I held a motivational meeting to acknowledge their frustrations, reframe the challenge as an opportunity for creativity, and provided additional support and resources to help them stay on track. This approach boosted team morale and ensured we met our deadlines without compromising quality.

Up Close

(DONE) Lux Residential


Creative Vision and Strategy

I formulated the creative vision by conducting in-depth research into the client's market, understanding their business objectives, and identifying their unique value propositions. I translated these insights into a clear, three-phase strategy focusing on brand clarity, identity design, and internal and external deployment. This approach ensured alignment with the client's business goals and addressed both internal and external brand confusion. My strategy provided Lux Residential with a bold, clear identity that stood tall among competitors as the distinguished leader of quality living in Portland, Maine.

Using SWOT analysis and competitor benchmarking, I identified key market gaps that informed our unique value proposition and creative direction.

Innovative Methods and Technologies

I introduced Webflow and Cloudflare to build a modern, responsive, and secure website. Webflow allowed for greater design flexibility and rapid prototyping, while Cloudflare enhanced site performance and security. These technologies significantly improved the client's online presence and operational efficiency, surpassing the capabilities of their previous WordPress setup.

The switch from WordPress to Webflow resulted in an estimated 60% increase in site speed and a 70% reduction in security risk.

Hands-On Creative Work

I directly contributed to designing the brand's visual identity, including the logo, color palette, and typography. I developed the brand voice and messaging, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints. These elements helped establish a cohesive and recognizable brand that resonated with the target audience. I highlighted the importance of high-quality photography, providing guidelines to ensure a consistent visual style, essential for maintaining the brand's upscale image. I sourced the nonprofit organization, The Ocean Cleanup, to resonate with the client's brand identity. Additionally, I provided professional copywriting, coining phrases to bring personality, maturity, and identity to the brand.


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(DONE) Lux Residential
(DONE) Lux Residential
(DONE) Lux Residential


Measurable Results

Although it's early to have concrete quantifiable outcomes, the initial feedback indicates a significant increase in brand recognition and clarity. Internally, there has been a marked improvement in the understanding of departmental roles and functions, leading to more efficient operations. Externally, there is a noticeable enhancement in the brand's presence and coherence across all touchpoints. Qualitative feedback from clients and stakeholders highlights the new brand's positive reception and the strong, unified message it conveys.

Business Impact

The rebranding initiative was directly tied to Lux Residential's broader business goals of becoming known for high-end, premium management offerings. The enhanced brand clarity and recognition are already contributing to the company's strategic objective of distinguishing itself in a crowded real estate market. The project's impact is evident in the increased confidence and alignment within the internal teams, leading to better service delivery. The long-term benefits anticipated from this rebranding effort include a more cohesive brand presence, improved client acquisition and retention rates, and a stronger competitive position in the market. Additionally, the implemented impact model ensures ongoing positive effects through financial contributions to ocean and beach cleanup efforts, reinforcing the brand's commitment to social responsibility.

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Coastal Luxury Real Estate Rebrand

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Lux Residential


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