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Led a successful branding initiative for Eden Valley, a nonprofit mental health agency.

(DONE) Eden Valley: Branding


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Mental Health Oriented Identity & Website


Eden Valley






I led a successful rebranding initiative for Eden Valley, a mental health agency in Burlington, Vermont, which resulted in a 1,033% increase in patient enrollment and significantly enhanced community engagement and trust. The goal was to develop a compelling brand identity that communicated trust, professionalism, and comfort.


The primary business objective was to increase patient enrollment and establish a strong community presence. This involved creating a brand that resonated with potential clients, fostering a sense of safety and reliability essential for a mental health service provider. Aligning this objective with Eden Valley’s overall strategy was crucial to their long-term success and community impact.


Eden Valley struggled to connect with the local community and faced difficulties in filling their patient quota. They needed a brand that stood out in a crowded market and resonated deeply with potential clients. Additional challenges included budget constraints, a tight timeline, and the need to build trust and credibility quickly.



As the Chief Creative Officer (CCO) at Equality, I was pivotal in every phase of this rebranding effort—from initial research and strategy development through creative execution and final rollout. My responsibilities included leading the design team, providing creative oversight and direction, and managing stakeholder relations to align and execute the brand vision seamlessly.

Team Leadership and Collaboration

I led cross-functional teams and managed collaboration across various departments. My approach to team management focused on fostering an environment of open communication and collaboration, ensuring everyone was aligned with the project's goals. Strategies included regular brainstorming sessions, feedback loops, and ensuring each team member’s expertise was utilized effectively.

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(DONE) Eden Valley: Branding


Creative Vision and Strategy

The creative vision was formulated based on in-depth market and demographic analysis, which highlighted the preferences of potential clients. My strategic thinking process involved synthesizing complex information into a coherent strategy that communicated trust and professionalism. Key insights from the research influenced the brand name 'Eden Valley,' and the visual identity was designed to exude warmth and comfort.

Innovative Methods and Technologies

We introduced unique methods and technologies, such as a calming aesthetic with warm, neutral tones and organic shapes. The design principles included creating a visual identity that was both soothing and professional, differentiating Eden Valley from competitors. We also implemented pioneering digital marketing strategies to enhance online engagement and visibility.

Hands-On Creative Work

My direct creative contributions included designing key elements of the brand’s visual identity, producing motion media, and directing on-site shoots. Specific tasks I undertook included overseeing the logo design, choosing the color palette, and ensuring all marketing materials aligned with the new brand identity. My approach was meticulous, focusing on quality and coherence across all touchpoints.


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(DONE) Eden Valley: Branding
(DONE) Eden Valley: Branding
(DONE) Eden Valley: Branding


Measurable Results

The rebranding initiative led to quantifiable outcomes, such as a 1,033% increase in patient enrollment within a year of the launch. Daily inquiries rose by 15 times, and interactions on online platforms surged by over 1000%. These metrics illustrate the significant impact of the new brand identity on Eden Valley’s growth.

Business Impact

These results connected back to broader business goals, driving significant improvements in business performance. The successful rebrand supported operational expansion, including the hiring of eight new staff members to manage the growing patient base. The brand's visual identity played a crucial role in establishing Eden Valley as a reputable and trusted mental health resource, leading to long-term benefits and ongoing positive effects in the community.

1,033% increase in patient enrollment within a year of the launch

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Mental Health Oriented Identity & Website

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Eden Valley



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