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Branding a Grassroots Campaign Empowering Youth with Self-Love and Acceptance

(DONE) Worthy


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Worthy: Self-Love Branding


Eden Valley






In response to a series of tragic events in our local schools in the aftermath of COVID, I spearheaded the 'Worthy' campaign, a youth-focused initiative promoting self-love and acceptance. This project, driven by a personal passion for investing in young people, was designed to affirm that everyone is worthy of love and belonging, independent of achievements or societal standards.

Business Objective

Partnering with a local mental health organization, our goal was to raise awareness about self-acceptance among middle and high school students in Burlington, Vermont. We designed and distributed free merchandise as part of a broader campaign to embed a culture of positivity and support within the community.


Given the pro bono nature of the project, resource allocation was purely voluntary. However, the enthusiasm from my team at Equality meant we could fully commit to making a substantial impact without a formal budget, focusing purely on the cause rather than profit.


Strategic and Creative Leadership

As CCO at Equality, I led the campaign from concept to execution, operating primarily as a Creative Director due to the project's personal significance. My role involved crafting the core message, overseeing the design process, and coordinating community engagement efforts.

Team Leadership and Collaboration

I motivated my team to volunteer their skills for this cause, fostering a collaborative environment that focused on our shared commitment to social impact. This approach allowed us to harness our collective creativity and resources effectively, even within limited time constraints.

Up Close

(DONE) Worthy


Creative Vision and Strategy

Understanding that Gen Z values authenticity over overt branding, I directed our efforts towards creating an unbranded aesthetic. The campaign utilized vibrant colors and simple designs, emphasizing the message over the medium. Our promotional materials supported local events designed to build community and provide direct support to students.

Creative Contributions

Despite the constraints, I helped design key visual elements that resonated with the youth. The use of engaging, relatable graphics and locally relevant themes helped make the campaign accessible and appealing. The visual strategy was straightforward yet powerful, ensuring that every piece of content directly supported the campaign's objectives. I also volunteered for several livestream productions that the organization hosted, in an effort to offer youth support and community during the 'stay at home' era.


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(DONE) Worthy
(DONE) Worthy
(DONE) Worthy


Engagement and Community Impact

The campaign was highly successful, with significant outreach during local events such as the pride festival. Merchandise like hoodies and shirts were distributed widely, becoming symbols of the campaign's message. The events facilitated not just social interaction but also meaningful connections with mental health resources.

Long-term Benefits

The 'Worthy' campaign reinforced Equality's commitment to projects that offer a tangible social impact, enhancing our reputation in the community and among our peers. It also provided a model for future initiatives, demonstrating the power of community-focused campaigns to drive change.

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Worthy: Self-Love Branding

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Eden Valley



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