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Overhauled CBS sports show's visuals, enhancing aesthetic and professional appeal.



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Jets Take Flight Motion Package







Project Summary

I was tasked with overhauling the Take Flight pre-Jets game show talk show on CBS. My role involved designing a visually stunning storyboard, which was approved and implemented for the initial round of motion media. Deliverables included show intros and outros, lower thirds, title cards, ad cards, and other standard broadcast elements. I was the sole creator of this aesthetic, designing all layouts and motion media, while Tucker Oelsen rebranded the show logo. This project was a fantastic opportunity to work on a sports package, a long-standing ambition of mine. Although the CBS team later modified the toolkits I built to a lesser quality, the initial designs set a high standard.

Business Objective

The primary business goal was to revitalize the show’s visual identity, enhancing viewer engagement and reinforcing CBS’s brand as a leader in sports broadcasting. This rebranding was crucial for maintaining market competitiveness and viewer loyalty, aligning with CBS’s strategy to deliver high-quality sports content.


The project faced several challenges, including tight deadlines and the need to adhere to CBS’s high standards for broadcast quality. Budget constraints also required efficient resource management. These challenges necessitated a strategic approach to ensure that the project’s objectives were met without compromising on quality.


Your Role

As the lead designer and animator, I was responsible for creating all visual elements, managing the project timeline, and ensuring quality control. I coordinated closely with CBS’s internal teams to ensure seamless integration of my designs.

Team Leadership and Collaboration

I led cross-functional teams, facilitating collaboration between designers, animators, and CBS’s production team. My leadership ensured that everyone worked towards a unified vision, leveraging each team member’s strengths to achieve our goals.

Creative Vision and Strategy

My creative vision aimed to merge the excitement of sports with sleek, modern design elements. This involved synthesizing complex information into a coherent strategy that aligned with CBS’s branding objectives. Key insights from audience research and industry trends influenced my creative direction.

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Innovative Methods and Technologies

I introduced advanced motion graphics techniques and cutting-edge design software to enhance visual fidelity. These innovations ensured that the broadcast elements stood out, setting a new benchmark for sports programming visuals.

Hands-On Creative Work

My direct contributions included designing and animating all key visual elements, such as intros, outros, and lower thirds. My approach was meticulous, ensuring that each element was not only visually compelling but also functional and aligned with the show’s branding.


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Measurable Results

Given the nature of this type of work with a corporation the size of CBS Viacom, I unfortunately can provide very few quantifiable metrics. What I can say is that it greatly increased the show’s aesthetic and professional appearance, and the feedback I got from CBS executives highlighted the high-quality visual improvements.

Business Impact

The enhanced visual identity reinforced CBS’s brand positioning in sports broadcasting, contributing to long-term viewer loyalty and market competitiveness. The project’s success led to ongoing positive effects, including further opportunities for collaboration with CBS on high-profile projects.

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Jets Take Flight Motion Package

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