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Branding initiative for Everywhere, boosting global youth travel engagement.

(DONE) Everywhere: Branding


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Crafting a Global Youth Travel Brand







As the Chief Creative Officer at Equality, I spearheaded a branding initiative for Everywhere, an international youth travel organization dedicated to cultural immersion and education. The challenge was to develop a vibrant brand identity that reflected the dynamic, diverse experiences offered by Everywhere, on a constrained budget.


Everywhere faced the dual challenges of limited financial resources and the need for a brand identity that could resonate globally with young travelers interested in cultural education. The project required a phased implementation strategy that maximized impact without compromising on the quality and appeal of the brand.


My Role

As the driving force behind this ambitious project, I directed every aspect of the brand's development from strategy formulation to creative execution. My responsibilities included:

  • Creative and Strategic Leadership: I developed the overall strategic blueprint that guided the phased rollout, ensuring each element of the brand aligned with strategic objectives and communicated Everywhere's unique value proposition effectively.
  • Hands-On Creative Direction: Actively involved in the design and production of all branding materials, ensuring that each piece resonated with the target demographic and upheld the highest standards of creative excellence.
  • Team and Stakeholder Management: Led a diverse team of designers, copywriters, and multimedia specialists, while also coordinating with external partners and stakeholders to maintain project cohesion and vision.

Up Close

(DONE) Everywhere: Branding



  • Phased Brand Development Strategy:
    • Phase One: Focused on establishing the foundational elements of the brand. Developed a versatile logo and color scheme that captured the essence of adventure and cultural richness. This phase laid the groundwork for a coherent visual identity that was both appealing and reflective of the organization's values.
    • Phase Two: Built upon the initial visuals with engaging copy, a dynamic website layout, and compelling multimedia content that included photography and video from actual travel expeditions, which I personally directed to ensure alignment with the brand's narrative.


See this project in action:

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(DONE) Everywhere: Branding
(DONE) Everywhere: Branding
(DONE) Everywhere: Branding



  • Brand Resonance: Despite the budgetary and timeline constraints, the branding perfectly encapsulated Everywhere's mission, creating a dynamic and inclusive identity that attracted a diverse audience.
  • Growth Metrics:
    • Saw a tenfold increase in enrollment conversion rates, significantly broadening participant engagement.
    • Expanded the monthly reach to 1.2 million, starting from a baseline of just 1,000.
    • Increased monthly engagement to 228,000, up from an initial 200, with minimal advertising spend.
  • Sustainable Impact: Integration of the Impact Model linked Everywhere with an international charity, enhancing the brand's commitment to social responsibility and enriching the student experiences offered.

Expanded the monthly reach to 1.2 million, starting from a baseline of just 1,000.

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Crafting a Global Youth Travel Brand

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