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Designed and animated dynamic set for Jason Bourne interviews on the Today Show.

(DONE) Jason Bourne (NBC)


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Bringing Bourne Back: A Cinematic Interview Experience







Project Summary

When Universal Pictures announced the release of the new Jason Bourne movie, it reignited excitement for a beloved film series. Tasked with the project, I proposed a unique approach to integrate the movie’s branding with a hacker theme inspired by the latest trailer. Our goal was to design and animate the set for exclusive interviews with stars Alicia Vikander and Matt Damon on the Today Show, enhancing viewer engagement and generating buzz for the summer blockbuster.

Business Objective

The main objective was to create a dynamic and thematic interview environment that would captivate the audience and build anticipation for the movie’s release. By scheduling separate interviews with each star, Universal Pictures aimed to maximize exposure and drive significant attention to the film, encouraging fans and new viewers alike to flock to theaters.


The primary challenge was designing for the unique monitor setup at the Today Show, which often had unusual layouts and lighting conditions that could wash out visuals. Another concern was ensuring that the animated backgrounds complemented the interviews without overpowering them or distracting the audience.


My Role

As the lead designer and animator, I was responsible for creating all visual elements displayed during the interviews. This included designing monitor backgrounds, segment openers and closers, and various on-air graphics. I arrived on set early to ensure that all media were displaying correctly, looping seamlessly, and that the colors remained vivid under studio lighting. My coordination with the switchboard team ensured a flawless broadcast of the interviews.

Creative Vision and Strategy

My creative strategy was to merge the suspenseful, tech-driven aesthetic of the Jason Bourne series with the contemporary feel of the Today Show. This involved synthesizing the film’s hacker theme into the designs without overwhelming the interview setting. Through careful planning and design, I aimed to enhance the interview's atmosphere while keeping the focus on the celebrities and their insights about the film.

Up Close

(DONE) Jason Bourne (NBC)


Innovative Methods and Technologies

To address the unique challenges of the Today Show’s set, I implemented advanced graphic design techniques that ensured high visual fidelity despite varying light conditions. The designs utilized motion graphics to add a dynamic, engaging layer to the background, which subtly echoed the intensity of the Jason Bourne movies without distracting from the interview content.

Hands-On Creative Work

I personally designed and animated various elements used throughout the interviews, ensuring each piece complemented the overall aesthetic of the set. My hands-on approach guaranteed that all graphics were not only visually compelling but also aligned with the thematic elements of the movie, enhancing the storytelling aspect of the interviews.


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(DONE) Jason Bourne (NBC)
(DONE) Jason Bourne (NBC)
(DONE) Jason Bourne (NBC)


The interviews were a hit, contributing to the movie's impressive box office haul of $415 million. The feedback from Universal Pictures was overwhelmingly positive, leading to additional requests for my involvement in future promotions. Perhaps the most memorable endorsement came from Matt Damon himself, who personally commended the design work—an affirming nod from Bourne himself.

This project not only showcased my capabilities in integrating cinematic themes into live broadcast settings but also set a new standard for entertainment interviews, combining storytelling with visual innovation to create a compelling viewer experience.

Client Feedback

Jo excels in versatile design, consistently aligning with evolving show aesthetics while maintaining precise organization and creating comprehensive style guides, all with a positive and collaborative attitude.

Neal Carter
Senior Producer & Creative Director

Brand Visualized

Bringing Bourne Back: A Cinematic Interview Experience

In Motion

Powerful Imagery

In Action

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