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I directed and produced a product photography shoot, creatively enhancing its market presence.

(DONE) The Clinger


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The Clinger


Highly Functional





Project Summary

Product photography for "The Clinger," a unique cigarette case developed by Highly Functional LLC. The primary goal was to create vibrant, personality-driven imagery that showcased the practicality and innovative design of The Clinger. Key challenges included maximizing a limited budget to produce high-resolution photos that effectively communicated the product's features and uses, significantly boosting consumer interest.

Business Objective

The objective was to provide consumers with clear, detailed photography that not only demonstrated how The Clinger functioned but also portrayed its creative aesthetic. The imagery was designed to align with the company's strategy of highlighting The Clinger’s unique attributes and help to educate smoking consumers of its utility.


Operating within a tight budget, the project required efficient resource management and creative problem-solving to deliver the desired quality of product photography.


Role and Responsibilities

As the sole creative director and photographer, I managed the entire photo shoot from conception to final edits. This included setting the artistic direction, capturing all photographs, and performing post-production edits.

Creative Vision and Strategy

Inspired by The Clinger's distinctive characteristics, I developed a creative vision that personified the product through the use of colorful backdrops, dynamic lighting (including bright, moody, and rim lighting), and macro photography. The visual strategy aimed to infuse a sense of personality into the images, reflecting the innovative spirit of The Clinger.

Up Close

(DONE) The Clinger


Innovative Methods and Technologies

Utilized advanced photography techniques and creative lighting setups to enhance the visual appeal and informative quality of the product photos, ensuring each image was both eye-catching and educational.

Hands-On Creative Work

Directly executed all aspects of the creative process, from staging scenes with joints, cigarettes, and even birthday candles to emphasize versatility, to meticulous editing to ensure each photo met the highest standards of quality.


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(DONE) The Clinger
(DONE) The Clinger
(DONE) The Clinger


Measurable Results

The creative imagery significantly enhanced The Clinger's market presence, with initial feedback indicating increased consumer interest and engagement.

Business Impact

The project's success has positioned The Clinger as a standout product in its category, contributing to long-term brand recognition and customer loyalty. The high-quality visuals have become a central element of marketing campaigns, driving visibility and differentiation in a competitive market.

Client Feedback

The collaboration with Jo Lord on product photography for "The Clinger" was nothing short of exceptional. Jo's ability to translate our ideas and product's functionality into visually compelling images exceeded our expectations.

The attention to detail in each shot enhanced our marketing materials which we saw got an instance response on our Amazon Store leading to an increase in sales, and a higher ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). We are thrilled with the outcomes and highly recommend Jo for any creative endeavor for projects big or small.

The Clinger
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Brand Visualized

The Clinger

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In Action

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Highly Functional


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