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Created authentic Italian gelato brand and stunning visual identity.

(DONE) Gelatoville: Branding


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Gelatoville branding








We were tasked with developing a brand for a new gelato shop in the East Village, NYC. This project presented an exciting opportunity to set the look and feel of what has now become a multi-location gelateria. Our goal was to create a compelling and sophisticated brand that would resonate with both locals and tourists, establishing Gelatoville as the go-to destination for authentic Italian gelato.

Business Objective

The primary business goal was to create an approachable yet sophisticated brand that positioned Gelatoville as a higher-end, authentic Italian gelato shop. This goal was aligned with the company’s strategy to differentiate itself in a competitive market and attract a discerning clientele seeking quality and authenticity.


We faced significant challenges, including a tight budget and an urgent timeline, as the shop had not yet opened. Despite these constraints, our team was well-equipped to navigate these common hurdles and deliver exceptional results within the required timeframe.


Role and Responsibilities

As Equality's CCO, I was responsible for overseeing the entire branding process, from initial concept to final execution. This was a close-knit project, given the limitations mentioned in 'challenges', so I only put one senior designer onto the project, and I worked with Tucker ensuring that our creative vision aligned with the client’s goals and objectives.

Up Close

(DONE) Gelatoville: Branding


Creative Vision and Strategy

I developed the creative vision by focusing on elegance and simplicity. Our strategy was to leverage classic design elements to convey the authenticity of Italian gelato while adding modern touches to appeal to a contemporary audience.

Hands-On Creative Work

Tucker crafted a distinctive lower-case serif ‘G’ for the mark, which served as the cornerstone of our brand identity. Envisioning a bright, muted color palette with polka dots as part of the design elements, we quickly moved from initial concepts to a limited brand release within 48 hours. Within two weeks, the entire project was completed.

I directly contributed to various design elements and pieces of the brand, while primarily focusing on creative direction. Additionally, I designed the client's initial website as shown in this project's mockups. I advised the founder to simplify the name by dropping ‘gelateria’ and not using ‘cafe,’ allowing ‘Gelatoville’ to stand on its own. I also suggested incorporating the city name, Gelatoville NYC, to add a sense of place and scalability for future expansions.


See this project in action:

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(DONE) Gelatoville: Branding
(DONE) Gelatoville: Branding
(DONE) Gelatoville: Branding


Measurable Results

Within 30 days, we had a fully developed Gelatoville brand and a functional website. The brand’s launch was met with immediate success, as customers began pouring in, attracted by the shop’s inviting and sophisticated look.

Business Impact

Our branding efforts significantly boosted Gelatoville’s market presence. The distinctive and cohesive brand identity we created helped establish Gelatoville as a high-end gelato destination, leading to increased customer footfall and setting the stage for future expansions. The scalable branding strategy we implemented allowed for seamless integration of new locations, enhancing the brand’s long-term growth potential.

Brand Visualized

Gelatoville branding

In Motion

Powerful Imagery

In Action

Sneak peak





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