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Captured stunning visuals for a high-end Italian gelato shop's ad campaigns.

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Project Summary

I was commissioned to capture the essence of Gelatoville through photography, focusing on the shop’s interior, flavors, macro shots of the gelato, and the outdoor seating area. This project aimed to present Gelatoville as the premier high-end, authentic Italian gelato shop in NYC, leveraging stunning visuals for their ad campaigns and promotional materials.

Business Objective

The primary objective was to create visually compelling images that would enhance Gelatoville’s brand identity, attract a discerning clientele, and position the shop as a must-visit destination in NYC.


The main challenge was to capture the luxurious and authentic feel of Gelatoville within a limited timeframe, without closing the shop, ensuring that every shot resonated with the brand’s high-end positioning.


Role and Responsibilities

As the photographer, I was responsible for planning, directing, and executing the photo shoots. My approach combined meticulous attention to detail with creative framing to highlight the unique aspects of Gelatoville.

Creative Vision and Strategy

The creative vision was to blend elegance and authenticity, emphasizing the artisanal quality of the gelato and the inviting atmosphere of the shop. By focusing on both wide-angle shots of the interior and detailed macro shots of the gelato, we aimed to create a comprehensive visual story.

Up Close

(DONE) Gelatoville: Content


Hands-On Creative Work

I conducted multiple photo sessions, capturing the vibrant interior, the diverse range of flavors, detailed macro shots of the gelato, and the charming outdoor seating area on first avenue. Each photograph was meticulously composed to highlight the luxurious and authentic elements of Gelatoville. The images were then used in various ad campaigns, reinforcing Gelatoville’s brand identity.


See this project in action:

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(DONE) Gelatoville: Content
(DONE) Gelatoville: Content
(DONE) Gelatoville: Content


Measurable Results

The photographs were integral to Gelatoville’s ad campaigns, significantly boosting the shop’s visibility and appeal. The stunning visuals attracted a high-end clientele, contributing to increased foot traffic and sales.

Business Impact

The high-quality photographs positioned Gelatoville as the premier authentic Italian gelato shop in NYC. The visual consistency across marketing materials strengthened the brand’s identity and supported its growth and expansion plans.

Brand Visualized

Gelateria Photography

In Motion

Powerful Imagery

In Action

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